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Service And Support
SHENZHOU CITY FUYANG WIRE MESH CO., LTD's philosophy is to remain at the forefront of current manufacturing of wire mesh and its related products.

We have invested time and resources in improving our conventional business processes and have added advanced technology to produce superior quality products to customers.

Our company stands prepared to deliver products to our customers that have been woven, welded, shaped and processed according to the highest standards in the industry.
Strengthened by our ISO 9001 accreditation, SHENZHOU CITY FUYANG WIRE MESH CO., LTD stresses employee involvement and the daily commitment towards continuous improvement. From wire drawing, annealing, welding, expanding and weaving, to packing, we are ready and able to assist you in whatever needs you may have.

We base our commitment to you on three fundamental principles:

  • On time delivery
  • Quality
  • Meeting special requirements
SHENZHOU CITY FUYANG WIRE MESH CO., LTD  E-mail: sales@weldedwiremesh.com.cn
Tel: +86-318-3551918 Fax: +86-318-3551918